Hi, hello! My name is Ania. I'm an artist in search of joy & freedom. I currently use acrylics most but watercolor and gouache are no strangers to me. Here is my collection of evergreen acrylic floral art for your home.

I was always into art. Art was somewhere near me since I was little and I think it waited for me to take a chance on it. So I did! After several years of searching for the right creative path, I finally found myself in a place where I feel free and peaceful no matter what is going on around. All that thanks to art. I'm 38 Pomerania living mom of 3. I like to call myself a „seasonal gardener” as I grow flowers in my countryside garden from spring to late fall.

Color is very important to me. I believe it helps express, evoke aor recharge our emotions. Each painting of mine captures different emotions. Thoughts & feelings from that special creative moment. That's why there are no simillar pieces.

My greatest weakness is buying flowers. I love having fresh flowers in my home. But thanks to art I found a solution to it. I deliver flowers that will never fade!

I paint using bright & bold colors beacause I see truly see life in such colors. And I want you to see your life that way too!

Come and pick flowers for your home!




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